Bernard Karmilowicz

Arctic Green

Arctic Green is a collection of 22 songs by Bernard Karmilowicz. This collection of self-published electronic music is available in the U.S. as a double CD-R set for $20 per set. Send orders with full payment and a completed printout of this form to:

Bernard Karmilowicz
7425 Hickory Log Circle
Columbia, MD 21045-5065

These songs may be downloaded solely for private non-commercial use. Any other use without first obtaining express written consent for such use from Bernard Karmilowicz is prohibited. License requests are welcome.

Arctic Green CD*
Track Disc 1 Disc 2
1 Blue Ponds Engin
2 Morning March Evening Funk
3 Calm on the Congo Sixth Circle
4 Silk Road July
5 Baby Em Serengeti Sunrise
6 BBlues Run-A-Muck
7 Knuckles Cries of Snakes
8 Bernieland Solar Surf
9 Blue February Zephyr
10 Canboulay Day Blue Day in June
11 Emily's Day Goodby

*WAV files: Microsoft® lossless PCM 16-bit 44.1KHz for conventional audio CD

Arctic Green DVD**
Track Disc 1
1 Blue Ponds
2 Morning March
3 Calm on the Congo
4 Silk Road
5 Baby Em
6 BBlues
7 Knuckles
8 Bernieland
9 Blue February
10 Canboulay Day
11 Emily's Day
12 Engin
13 Evening Funk
14 Sixth Circle
15 July
16 Serengeti Sunrise
17 Run-A-Muck
18 Cries of Snakes
19 Solar Surf
20 Zephyr
21 Blue Day in June
22 Goodby

**FLAC files: Free Lossless Audio Codec PCM 24-bit 48KHz for conventional DVD

MP4/AAC file: Advanced Audio Coding lossy 48KHz 320Kb/s for online/mobile streaming

All songs in the Arctic Green collection were written, arranged, performed, engineered, and produced by Bernard Karmilowicz. "Blue Day in June" (DVD disc 1-of-1 track 21, CD disc 2-of-2 track 10) was co-written by James Arena. Synthesizer patches by Eric Persing and Adrian Scott, Roland Corporation.
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